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collaborate. create. community.

Floraboration is a not for profit creative project for professional florists.

We devise a concept, split all running costs and collaborate to create: sharing knowledge, making and creating, for the love of flowers.

We are a community. For florists, by florists.

meet the team

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Image for Hazel Thomson Robin's Egg Floral & Event Design

Name: Hazel Thomson

Business: Robin's Egg Floral & Event Design

Image for Kim Dalglish Kim Dalglish Florist

Name: Kim Dalglish

Business: Kim Dalglish Florist

Image for Melissa Coll The Posy Sisters

Name: Melissa Coll

Business: The Posy Sisters

Image for Kaylie Methven & Rhys Small Oor Fleurs

Name: Kaylie Methven & Rhys Small

Business: Oor Fleurs

Image for Nicole Nugent Freelance

Name: Nicole Nugent

Business: Freelance

Image for Michelle Morton Cordon Farm Flowers

Name: Michelle Morton

Business: Cordon Farm Flowers

Image for Jane MacDonald Blooming Heather

Name: Jane MacDonald

Business: Blooming Heather

Image for Kate Dunbar The Stockbridge Flower Company

Name: Kate Dunbar

Business: The Stockbridge Flower Company

Image for Elaine Cherry Pretty Little Flowers

Name: Elaine Cherry

Business: Pretty Little Flowers

Image for Emma Lawson Betty Bluebell

Name: Emma Lawson

Business: Betty Bluebell

Image for Sarah Roy The Flower Studio

Name: Sarah Roy

Business: The Flower Studio

Image for Hayley Thomson Little Botanica

Name: Hayley Thomson

Business: Little Botanica


Floraboration 2 will be held on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th September 2018 in Glasgow City Centre, UK. Our open showcase is sold out and we look forward to sharing the coverage with you post event.

Plans for any future events will be announced on our Instagram and on our website. We do not have any plans in place for our next event as yet but we hope it will take place early next year. To maintain our ethos we take a set number of florists per event dependant on our venue and our concept.

All participants must have a good foundation of skills, be college or bench trained with industry experience and have a web presence or a portfolio available to view. We are forward thinking and create modern designs with a focus on innovation and defying traditional views of floristry.

Applications for any available slots can be made via our website once event plans have been announced.

If you would like to keep up to date with our future plans, please follow our Instagram account @floraboration.