meet the team

Image for meet the team
Image for Emma Lawson Betty Bluebell

Name: Emma Lawson

Business: Betty Bluebell

Image for Jane MacDonald Blooming Heather

Name: Jane MacDonald

Business: Blooming Heather

Image for Nicole Nugent Freelance

Name: Nicole Nugent

Business: Freelance

Image for Kate Dunbar The Stockbridge Flower Company

Name: Kate Dunbar

Business: The Stockbridge Flower Company

Image for Lynn Irvin Ivy and Rose Flowers

Name: Lynn Irvin

Business: Ivy and Rose Flowers

Image for Lyn Wilson Poppy Floral Design

Name: Lyn Wilson

Business: Poppy Floral Design

Image for Aoife McGregor Feather Grass Florals

Name: Aoife McGregor

Business: Feather Grass Florals

Image for Aline Hardie B Bonnie Flowers

Name: Aline Hardie

Business: B Bonnie Flowers

Image for Cath Reilly Under the Pear Tree

Name: Cath Reilly

Business: Under the Pear Tree

Image for Julie MacNair Catkin and Willow

Name: Julie MacNair

Business: Catkin and Willow

Image for Sharon Rogers and Shona McTaggart Studio Flowers

Name: Sharon Rogers and Shona McTaggart

Business: Studio Flowers

Image for Catherine Strain Red Red Rose

Name: Catherine Strain

Business: Red Red Rose

Image for Gemma Burniston Little Botanica

Name: Gemma Burniston

Business: Little Botanica

Image for Angela Russell Gin Blossoms Flower Studio

Name: Angela Russell

Business: Gin Blossoms Flower Studio

Image for Nicole Gibson Bonnie Beaute Blooms

Name: Nicole Gibson

Business: Bonnie Beaute Blooms